Rock Carvings from "La Fajana" and
"El Cementerio"

    The location of the Rock Carvings El Cementerio
    and La Fajana are situated in the community of El Paso,
    more exactly in part of
    a ravine known as
    "Barranco de Las Canales",
    in an altitude of
    595 Meters (1952ft)
    "La Fajana"

    We have to climb a mostly dry riverbed for about 150 meters.

    Theses drawings were found in 1982 accidentally. The choosen position of those works results strategically located.

    The elevated location and its direction west allow us a breathtaking panoramic view over the whole Valley of "Aridane"

    The carvings are locatet on a single rock bank.

    Here we can find a big amount of geometrical designs, as well as curved and even spiral formed ones.

    The most embracing of these are five unique, only to find here, carvings of the early history of the Island of La Palma.
    The sun-shaped drawings

    suggest a past cult admiring the sun.

    They are circle-shaped and contain in their inside straight as well as curved lines.
    "El Cementerio"

    The area with the carvings known as "El Cementerio" (the graveyard) are found about 300 meters above of those named "La Fajana"

    We can reach the region very easily simply heading upwards the ravine.

    This find spot was discovered by neighbours, because of the proximity to those ones of "La Fajana" in the year 1982.
    This discovery place is situated over the path on seven big stone ledges, which are directed both west and south.
    The motives show geometrical forms, similar to the ones in "La Fajana"

    We have to highligt huge spirales and concentrical circles which can reach up to a meter in diameter.

    Making them the biggest carved forms of the prehispanic history of the Island of La Palma, found until now .

Familie Ellen & Simon Märkle